Hackers Challenge

PreCon Challenges

This event consists of several puzzles released over the following weeks leading up to SAINTCON.

Just as the full Hackers Challenge game at SAINTCON, the puzzles can involve security vulnerabilities, trivia, technical challenges, and cryptography elements.

Remember: Hacker is a state of mind not specific tool knowledge.

It is open to all to play, whether you are attending SAINTCON or not. Should you still need to register for SAINTCON, please use this URL and referral code.

At minimum puzzles will open as shown below:

Scoring will involve individual total solves, creativity, and quickest solves. A prize will be awarded to the winner at SAINTCON.

As usual, the GameMaster reserves all rights regarding scoring decisions.

Challenge #1

The Challenge will appear in:

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Challenge #2

To play, discover and stop the exfiltration of data from here.

Challenge #3

Everything you need for Precon #3 can be found at this server: